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Rhodius Academy


Welcome to our stage „International Rhodius Academy for Double Bass/ Schloss Burg Namedy, Gemany“


From 26 - 30 July 2023 four outstanding double bass soloists and two experienced piano accompanists work with the young musicians in the beautiful castle Namedy. 


In these 5 intense days around 20 students will have the opportunity of single lessons with each of the four double bass masters. The masterclass includes specific open classes, public and internal concerts of professors and students. The whole event is public. 

The Academy offers participation scholarships.


The International Rhodius Academy for Double Bass was founded in 2017 by the Manfred and Rosemarie Rhodius-Foundation. Artistic director is Christine Hoock, international double bass soloist and Professor of Mozarteum University Salzburg. 

Supporting highly talented young double bassists from all over the world and empowering the standing of the Double Bass in the international concert activitiesis are the main goals of the biennial double bass academy. 


Christine Hoock: " The Academy was born with an extra portion of love for the Double Bass. Besides the intense musical work we have a lot of opportunities for international networking and enjoying the double bass-spirit. The historically significant castle Namedy on River Rhine is an outstanding and very harmonic location for our Academy with the Princesses of Hohenzollern as wonderful and music enthusiastic hosts.“

In case of questions please contact artistic director:

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